TechTuiTivE has established strong relationships with key hardware and software vendors; This close partnership with industry leaders, vendors and our continued investment in staff training and certification means our procurement services can save you time and money.






By engaging with TechTuiTivE for the procurement of your enterprise technology you can take advantage of significant cost and time savings and accurate quotations with a quick turnaround.

TechTuiTivE Infrastructure

Providing Peace of Mind - We judge the success of every relationship by an index of ‘peace of mind.’ Are we delivering you an ultra safe, rock solid communication solution that lets you rest easy? We’d better because that’s what we’re all about. You could say we’re in the ‘no worries’ business.


This is the way we work at TechTuiTivE, with integrity, for business and with the end in mind – your peace of mind.





Network Security

Our network engineers design and manage Secured Networks. TechTuiTivE  provides communication network audit and assessment, compliance and security. Many of our clients include banks and credit unions that can’t afford the risk of an intrusion that may compromise their data, shut down their systems and ruin their reputation. By staffing the best team members and using the right technologies, we monitor and protect our client’s networks, maintaining world class customer satisfaction ratings averaging over 95%.



Take a deep look at your network’s current state and determine what needs to be improved



· Security & Vulnerability Assessments



· Firewall & Access Vulnerability Analysis



· Penetration Testing



· Information Security Audits



· Risk & Problem Assessments  using advanced diagnostic tools




Customize Security Solutions catered to your business or industry specifications 


· Firewall & VPN Security

· Network Monitoring (LAN/WAN)

· Server Monitoring

· Email Security, Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Filtering

· Remote Access & Wireless Security, Firewall & VPN Security

· Web Filter & Traffic Monitoring – advanced reporting and customer log-in

· Intrusion Prevention – boost your defenses to the next level with multi-

  vendor support




What TechTuiTivE can do for you


· Prevent hacking and data leakage, ensure compliance in your industry

· Peace of mind that your network is prepared to fend off current trends and


· Decreased network down-time, security related disruptions and viruses

· Security measures designed specifically for your network by expert

   consultants and technicians

· Minimize wireless network security issues and threats, as well as internet

   security threats with the help of experts who stay up to date on the latest

   security news.

· Information security threats eliminated with protective technologies catered

   to your industry or business regulations.


Call TechTuiTivE when:


· You experience suspicious symptoms; repeated failures of a similar nature or

  quality issues

· You make strategic changes that require your staff to learn new systems or

  re-learn processes

· You simply prefer to outsource some of your support

· You want to be certain that your communication network works and

  minimize any failures