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We are the trusted business advisor… assuring peace of mind through cultivated expertise, extensive resources, and uncompromising services. We specialize in computer support and I.T. networking for the small to midsize business.

At TechTuiTivE, we make it easy to choose the right technical support solutions to fit your business needs. We are one of the most established and trusted IT managed services and computer networking providers along the East Coast – with offices in Florida, U.S. Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman(coming soon) and British Virgin Islands. TechTuiTivE’s managed services, networking, and data back-up provide small-to-mid sized businesses with the same superior quality and technical expertise found in the IT departments of major corporations.



· IT managed service options and comprehensive computer support



· Fast response — remote and on-site



· Flexible and affordable packaging



· Attentive and personalized customer service








In today's increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, a great deal of skill and experience are required to effectively manage and operate a profitable business.


These tasks are further complicated due to the seemingly never ending challenges of limited time, funding and resources.


However, you may now have realized that by implementing a sound and proven approach to the maintenance and management of your infrastructure and end-user support, your business can obtain the competitive edge you need to help you to succeed.


Via our comprehensive Information Technology Solutions and managed services solutions, we can address the nagging and frequently occurring issues faced by most mid-sized businesses.


Do we offer home office solutions? Yes, but only, on a case-by-case basis, our main focus is to support the needs of businesses.  We currently support and manage the needs of numerous small to mid-sized businesses as well as provide our services and solutions to support the needs of several global organizations.



Our flexible yet comprehensive solutions and services support the needs of numerous businesses across a wide variety of industry verticals.


The types of solutions we offer are applicable and have been successfully utilized and leveraged by organizations of varying size and scope within the following industry vertical markets;








Government Contractors

Health Care



Law Firms


Non-Profit Organizations

Real Estate


Software & Web Development



Examples of our solutions can comprise traditional IT support for a small business to the infrastructure management of a global organization.




24x7 Operations Functional Responsibilities Include:

Remote Management Helpdesk Center.














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  • Comprehensive Fault Monitoring and Management for IT systems Including but not limited to: