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IT Peace of Mind - TechTuiTivECustomerCareCenter


Customer support with a personal touch: the TechTuiTivECustomerCareCenter is more than just a help desk. It’s about keeping you up and running, resolving problems quickly, providing personal attention, and giving you answers to questions that make you more productive


Delivering IT Peace of Mind Equals:


Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime by preventing  problems before they occur.

Unmatech Customer Support

Maintain smooth and effective operation of hardware, software, and networks.          

The Benefits of Enterprise-Grade Data Centers. 

A Customer Advocate.



IT Peace of Mind – TechTuiTivE Operations Center

We have the capability to monitor the network and network equipment. We make sure everything is up and running and working properly. If there’s an issue, we let you know about it right away and resolve the problem, sometimes before you even know about it.

We Reduce And Contain Your Costs Around Technology




TechTuiTivE Managed IT Services offers focused solutions in IT support infrastructure and application management for building and managing the full-lifecycle of enterprise IT systems.  In today's volatile business world, organizations face significant challenges in scaling and managing their global Information Technology infrastructure while effectively reducing costs. Access to best in class tool sets, hardware, software and even niche technology experts are often unattainable due to constricting budgets.


TechTuiTive’s Managed IT Services, (ITaaS) expertise spans across industry verticals and market leading technologies in order to provide an unbiased and dynamic approach to managed IT support services.  TechTuiTivE thrives as a trusted advisor to its clients, a distinction from being a “repairman.”  We do not wish to operate in a break/fix IT service environment which is unpredictable and unsustainable.  In a break/fix model, breakdowns are incentives by repetitious, lengthy fixes that increase billable hours.  We believe this model is difficult to control and manage and will prevent TechTuiTivE from providing the best service to its clients. 


With TechTuiTive’s Managed Services model, our incentive is to keep our clients’ business up and running with as little disruption as possible.  Our business model and our focus allow us to have parallel business motives, instead of opposing objectives that make it mutually beneficial for both our clients and our organization. TechTuiTivE Managed Services significantly improves our client’s business efficiency.


TechTuiTivE is a recognized leader in providing reliable and cost-effective technology support services to efficiently resolve the complex and persistent technology issues, frustrations and challenges faced by your businesses in today’s ever increasingly complex technology dependant environments.

The people that ask for our help want to reduce and control their costs around technology and are seeking predictable technology results for a predictable fee.


We adhere to a peer reviewed information technology support approach and methodology that leverages enterprise level software applications and tools to properly support your network, infrastructure, desktops, employees and strategic business initiatives.


Our approach is simple-we have the right people, performing the right tasks that results in an overall IT expenditure reduction by 33%  or more in some cases when compared to other approaches.


To ensure the continual optimization and performance of your entire infrastructure,  a team of personable, qualified and experienced IT professionals will perform a variety of industry best practice tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly schedule.


What this means to you is that we can provide measurable and meaningful IT cost reductions, access to additional technical and subject-matter experts, a scalable and flexible IT service delivery model, system process and network performance assurance, enhanced network security, increased data protection and preservation and overall risk mitigation.


The real benefits of our proven approach are that for an affordable and predictable monthly fee, you can refocus your resources on the strategic growth of your business and ensure the protection of your sizable investments in technology, while we assume the responsibility of managing all of your information technology needs and requirements.


Contact us to receive a complementary gap analysis review of your technology and what you spend versus the value you receive when compared to other companies of similar size, scope and complexity...